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Welcome to the Shire of Heraldshill
in the northern-most region of the great
Kingdom of Calontir!

Calontir , a branch of The Society for Creative Anachronism, covers the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, most of Iowa, and the northwest portion of Arkansas.

Heraldshill, our local chapter of the SCA, is based in Mason City, Iowa. Our shire encompasses a nine-county area and includes the communities of Mason City, Osage, Forest City, Charles City, Clear Lake, Hampton, Corwith, Aredale and all points in between. Our neighboring groups in the Kingdom of Calontir are the Shire of Deodar, the Canton of Axed Root, and the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui. Our neighbors in the Kingdom of Northshield are the Shires of Rivenwood Tower, Silfren Mere and Rokeclif, the Barony of Nordskogen, and the College of Norleigh.

Our business meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month, and the "Arts & Sciences" meetings are the 4th Wednesday, both starting around 7 pm. Our business meeting site is the meeting room/cooking class room at Hy-Vee East in Mason City. The A&S meeting is in the same place, unless we're going to be messy, then we meet at the "A&S House". To get directions, go to our calendar or contact our Seneschal. seneschal@heraldshill.org

Educational demonstrations can be requested by area schools, libraries, church groups, and other organizations. If you are interested in having us visit your group, you may contact the Chatelaine at chatelaine@heraldshill.org.

Want to join the Heraldshill mailing list? It's not a busy one: Heraldshill Google Group (heraldshill@googlegroups.com)

We also have an official Facebook Page and an unofficial Facebook Group.

The maintainer of this page is Mistress Sofya la Rus [Lisa Kies].

Standard Disclaimers and Credits.

This page updated 30 March 2018