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Ages of War 2007

Updated 4 September 2007

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Most photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn who gives permission for photos to be copied for personal use. This is only a small sample of the 1,300 photos he took. Please contact him at if you want pictures of something/someone in particular.

Additional photos by Mannix of the Wood from No Mountain, as marked.

Some photos also provided by Iohannus of Silfren Mere, which he says anyone may use freely.

Welcome to Ages of War

A Royal Invitation by Stasi and Juliana Welcome sign - by Iohannus Troll Two Kingdoms, One Event

Arts & Sciences

Military Medicine Class Glass Bead Class Heraldic Consult Table Viking Whipcord

Sword Drills

Sword Drills Pell work

Caged Fighting

Caged Fighting More Caged Fighting Getting into the Cages Things getting more complicated Lots of fighters
Get Ready, get set... Go get your weapon! Enjoying the combat The Marshals take a bow Giving a hand up Dashing to get a weapon Hand to hand combat

Field Battles

(with thanks to Mannix and Iohannus for additional photos)
A little melee More melee His Majesty Northshield comes out to play His Majesty in action His Highness Calontir prepares to play too His Highness Calontir in action Rushing into action Town battle One down, one to go - by Mannix Close up - by Iohannus More close ups - by Iohannus

Adult Consort Tourney

Our new List Tree A vigorous throw

Get him! Got him? Body checking is legal, right?

Youth Consort Tourney

Johan gets comfortable A good death Keep him in range! Get him Sophia! Concentrating on the target Chasing a good shot Brother versus sister The fighters try to replenish their partner's ammunition Victory is sweet


(with thanks to Mannix of No Mountain for additional photos)
25-arrow shoot Fetching the arrows William keeps watch over the Archery Range Archers on the line Their Highnesses on the Archery Range - notice the realistic targets Archery by Mannix


(with thanks to Mannix of No Mountain for additional photos)
Kaie and Jasmine Equestrian Class by Mannix Natasiia and her horse, Beau - from Mannix Mannix with Rocky - from Mannix Riding the challenge course - from Mannix


Juliana in the Inn Stasi in the Inn Gabby the Waterbearer Their Highness chat with the Grillmaster

Head Table at Feast Christian (?) entertains The Viking Ladies Choir Servers on a rampage


Goose Tournament Antonia checks on the results of the Youth Papermaking Class

The children attack Master Niklos with their puppy-dog eyes Master Niklos sends the children after Baron Rodrigo Rodrigo and friend misdirect the children The children eventually get Rodrigo anyway

Courts and Royalty

(with thanks to Iohannus for additional photos)
A regal scene

Their Majesties Northshield make a grand entrance into Their Court Gifts for the children The Ages of War Sword of Friendship is passed to Silfren Mere for next year Sorcha gets her due Seamus does, too Court business - by Iohannus

Their Highnesses enter Court Parm gets a surprise Brigida recognized for Feast Elena had the most Tantalizing T-Tunic Royse had the most Period Camp William had the Best Home Brew Another award... TBA Antonia gets her Torse

The Trebuchet

(with thanks to Iohannus for additional photos)
Fresh ammunition The launch The result More ammunition! Loading - by Iohannus Ready to Fire Firing - by Iohannus The children bring back the remains Something that might last more than one throw

Other Scenes

A Merchant The Broken Harp Royse, our newest Voice Herald More merchants Watching the battles under a spiffy shade fly Taking a little break

Finishing Unfinished Business

Eldric gets a surprise Surprise view 2

Photos copyright © 2007, Russ Echelbarger, Jonathan Thoreson and Mannix of the Wood. Used with permission.

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