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Photos from Ages of War 2009

Updated 27 September 2009

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Photos by Lord Sifrid von Eichelborn who gives permission for photos to be copied for personal use.

Welcome to Ages of War

Floyd County Fairgrounds From the East From the East

Caged Fighting

Getting ready Going to their cages A Royal Retinue Adult Consort Tourney Close Combat Greeting their Consorts Royse explains the game to Hans Regal Warriors Parm explains the next game

Field Battles

Bridge Battle Bridge Battle up close Losing ground Down he goes

Youth Consort Tourney

To the field! Here comes the throw! Trying to watch both sides Running for a better angle Lady Guinevere and Joshua The Winners: Xerxes and Madelyn Candy for Everyone Caillech and Iames

Other Youth Activities

(photos of forts and story time provided by Lady Guinevere Berry)

Fun with Boxes The Tunnel and the Lookout The Girls' Fort War! Throwing wet sponge bombs Story Time with Hans Goose!


Friday Night Axe Soup and Potluck The Broken Harp Tavern The Inn


Antonia, Gregorii and the feast The feast hall decorated The feast hall filled A pretty maiden Christian provides the proper ambiance Gida provides the proper ambiance, too Hans tells a tale of compassion Sofya sings of maidens and dashing lads


Equestrian Arena Esther on ? Adjusting the stirrups Preparing for their run Time to go Next instructions The Saracen Heads

Equestrian Royal Procession

Thomas is a good horse Beautiful barding Their Royal Highnesses Calontir The Equestrian Royal Procession Eight horses in a row


The Royal Court Gifts Transferring the sword of friendship A Leather Mallet for Antonia's cooking A Balefire for Sorcha A surprise for the Herald

Other Scenes

Can you feel the breeze? Can you hear the buzz? Aigeline demonstrates a headwrap Heralds hard at work Getting the trebuchet ready to fire Watching the battles Their Highness Calontir The Merchants Gregorii and Hans Natasiia gets her AoA

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