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St. Augustine's Faire 2006

Updated 30 August 2006


Setting up the targets Archer's discussion At the line Beer and Wine Shoot with a Twist More archers at the line


Ly Rhiannon discusses technique Beer and Wine Shoot with a Twist Warming up Axe Challenge Saracen Heads More Saracen Heads Gift of Appreciation


Torchlight Leash Tourney Calling the List Organizing Consort Tourney Parm ducks Consort Tourney Consort Tourney Caged Fighting

Arts & Sciences

Glass Bead Class Metal Engraving Class Early Russian Garb Class List Heraldry Class Wine Judging


Lunch Inn Antonia making Pfeffernesse Roasting the beef for feast The Feast Hall


Camping Area Troll Camp Cry Wayward Youth More wayward youth Raffle Items Gaming around the Broken Harp Public tour at the trebuchet

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