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St. Augustine's Faire 2017
Inn, Feast, Food

Updated 17 August 2018

Feasting in the Manesse Codex, folio 308v

Food Drive

On-Site Food


Inn Steward:

Feast Menu (subject to change):

1st Course:
    Homemade soft cheese
    Smoked salmon
    Cheddar Cheese

2nd Course:
    Roasted chicken
    Hazelnut dumplings
    Spiced beets

3rd Course:
    Broth-boiled beef
    Mushrooms & onions
    Glazed root vegetables

4th Course:
    Roasted pork
    Lingonberry sauce
    Apples and onions
    Baby cabbages

Desert Course:

    Fruit sauce

    Lingonberry Water
Roasted Unicorn

Feast ingredients/recipes. Ingredients list will also be available at troll.

Feast Steward: Lady Anastasia da Carrara - anastasia@heraldshill.org

Off-site Food:

Grocery Stores:

Restaurants: (List from Yellow Pages, no endorsement implied)

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