8 October 2007

Halloween Party:
At Sifrid and Sofya's
5pm-ish, costumes, stone chili potluck.
Put party on Yahoo! calendar (already done by Gida)

Fairfield demo this weekend for Simone's contact group.
Military Hx will be last weekend of April again next year.

Autumn Arrows was fun, but hot. Very nice site (except for parking).
Next archery practice in 2 weeks. Will continue as long as the weather permits.
Practice, practice, practice. Our best 5 or 6 at KCAT would have beat all but one of the baronial teams! Next year...

We have money.
Some Shire property lists submitted. Need some more... ASAP
Financial policy still in progress.

There's a new pre-print addict in the Shire.
This month's meeting "A Taste of Heraldshill" - each family bring a persona-appropriate recipe to share.
Next month's topic TBA. Suggestions? Fire-starting?

Minister of Youth:
We've got giant dice for the "Goose Game". Need something for storage of the relatively bulky game. Canvas bags?
Parm got directions for Kubb - a period Viking game. He's working on making a set.
We've voted to allow Parm to spend a little $ for supplies for the above.
Rhiannon has cheap funnoodles if you want them.

Need someone to "run" the fighter practice on the 14th. (Parm and Stasi will be there.)
Indoor site for winter? Madison?

Event Planning:
Boy Scouts said horses would be allowed in their "archery field", but we have to provide fencing. Is there enough room for proper equestrian activities?
Anna sent Stasi and Sofya a couple of links with cabin descriptions and price list.
Parm volunteers to autocrat St. Augustine's Fair.
August 23rd 2008 is open. Reserve four buildings/areas for now... add more later.
September is taken by Coronation, KCAT...
Rent out Hobbit houses - post photos on-line?

Parade is out. Looks good.
Available/wanted list in the next issue?
Next issue may be a bit thin b/c of few events to report on. Article submissions welcome.

Web Minister:
New ideas: On-line Library/recipes
Update: emails
New Wiki - recipes/property list/library/meeting notes, etc.

Quarterly reports are due.
Someone needs to take over for Stasi.