Halloween Party:
Saturday, October 27th at 5pm-ish.
At Sifrid & Sofya's.
Halloween costumes (or garb)
Stone chili potluck (bring a small batch of your favorite chili to add to the pot and appropriate side dishes)
Decorations by Natasha & Sofya

We have money.
Bring Shire property lists to next Business meeting.
Financial Policy in progress.

"Cub game" rules re-discovered. Parm and Thomas making up a set.
Cheap funnoodles available from Parm and Natasha.

Web Minister:
Shire Wiki - interactive webspace for the Shire will be set up on a trial basis.
On-line Shire Recipe Book - starting with recipes in old Parade article. More please.
Shire Library - need more books to list.
On-line Meeting Notes - Sofya will take notes and post them on the Shire Wiki on a trial basis.

Next issue of the Parade will be done any day now, delayed due to technical difficulties.

Fighter Marshal's Assistant:
Will we have a marshal for Fighter Practice on the 14th?
Indoor site for winter? Madison School? Sifrid to check?

Boy Scout Camp:
Horses allowed. Need to provide own corral - electric fence acceptible?
Pool will be fixed and heated. Need BSA lifeguard.
Calender so far seems open for the 4th weekend in August.
Cost? Maps? Anna & Johan checking.

Demo with Fairfield contact group October 12-14th.

The Shire did well at KCAT. We could be a real threat - with a little more practice.
Next week's archery practice will be on Saturday - in Rollo, MO (Autumn Arrows), but the Mason City range is public so anyone can shoot on Sunday on their own.

Ages of War:
Stasi went on Silfren Mere site tour. Austin Fairgrounds similar to Charles City. Didn't see Preston. Amplica seems to be leaning toward Austin site.

Stasi needs a successor.