12 November 2007

At Southbridge Mall

Sewing Party - Saturday, the 17th - usual arrangements - 10am-5pm, upstairs room Mason City Library.
Fiber Goobs needs a new home - Johan and Anna's but have no couch at the moment so cancelled for this month.

We have money. Still needs property lists from people.

We have Kubb and Gorodki (Sifrid and Sofya's).

Nothing new. Stuff still in process. A couple people glaringly lacking in devices.
Open to being replaced by a new Herald (June 2008 or so).
Try to get current pre-prints done by Kris Kinder. (Next reign may be French?)
Ethan still needs his promissory scroll.

Fighter practice done for the season.
Indoor sites... Stasi spoke to school administrator - schools are out.
Salvation Army's new building has a gym. (The contact person was out. Rental rate unknown.)
Tuesdays/Thursdays after 6:30...
Riceville school still up in the air for monthly Sunday afternoons - contact persons have been unavailable lately.
Rhiannon to check on Armory
Mallory getting rid of her armor from Simone - nice stuff. Stasi has contact info.

The Or Pages and Shire Library are now on the wiki - run with it. (Books include Will/Juliana's and Sofya's...)
Need more recipes - Antonia, Gida, Juliana, William, Sifrid have had recipes nominated. Need other nominations.
The Shire Property List is also on the Wiki - help Rhiannon out and add your things to it.

Ages of War:
Planning meeting in Silfren Mere - we're invited but it's a little too late in the evening. No one has concerns to forward up there at this time.

We have children. We have new games - Kubb and Gorodki (Sifrid and Sofya's).

Starting to nag about articles for next issue - submit by Christmas or so.

Juliana got a lead on a local silk painter.
MHD Questionnaire
Nothing new on Hampton Demo - probably May next year.
No other new demos.

Outdoor archery done for the season.
Winter shoot (or two) after the first of the year.
No dates/times for indoor sites.
Gizmos and Gadgets have open nights for $5, but doesn't know which nights yet.

No word from Antonia about this month's A&S - show and tell as a backup plan?