5 November 2007
Stasi's House

Fiber Goobs:
Fiber Goobs will need to be cancelled and/or moved the next couple of months for moving activities.

Sofya and Sifrid's badge passed.
Ann of Walnut Grove got her Calon Cross at Crown Tourney.
Talbot invited to join the Chivalry.
Nothing else new.
Not-very-strenuously looking for a replacement.

Shire Wiki - Property List, Military Hx Days Questionnaire, Recipes, Games, etc. (Duh.) Will move Shire Library and Or Pages
We have a webpage. Always happy to incorporate new ideas.

Rustic Kubb is done. Gorodki (Russian Kubb) is done.
Has not yet done anything with the game storage plans (see Fiber Goobs above).

Still working on the Property List and Financial Policy (see Fiber Goobs above).
No money has been spent since last event.
Still working with some missing fees from Ages of War. Should discuss with Silfren Mere.

We have bows, arrows and backstops. No one's gotten hurt.
Outdoor archery practice is officially done for the season. Indoor archery practice plans pending.
Osage indoor open range is Thursday nights 7-9pm.

Gida doesn't know about indoor fighter practice at Riceville 1/month yet. (New school administration.)
Sifrid and Stasi forgot to check on potential Mason City sites.

Military History Days is set. April 25-26. Set up Thursday. School day Fri & Public dat Sat. Sunday tear-down only.
Questionnaire on-line.
Hampton Demo probably in May.

Always needs articles... Next issue first part of Jan.

We have a possible new Seneschal... scheming... musical officers... Stay tuned.
Sewing Party set for November 17th. Sifrid to check on fees for Mason City room. (Maybe.)