10 December 2007
Southbridge Mall, Mason City

Attended by: Padraig, Caillech, Juliana, William, Stasi, Anna, Sofya, Sifrid, Parm, Iames, Royce, Johan.

Date change to June 13-22.

Holiday Party:
Jan 26 at Sifrid and Sofya's, 6pm-ish, potluck, $10 gift exchange, garb, etc. Just like last year.
Esther wants to come if we can find her crash space.

Indoor Fighter Practice:
Riceville are figured out - Jan 13th and Feb 10th. Time? 1-5pm?
Parm found out that the armory would be $25 per night, 4pm until whenever.
Salvation Army - $150 deposit, then $20-25/hour.
Hampton Old Middle School - might be free, but gets a lot of use in the community. Open gym on Sundays after 4pm.
If alternate Riceville and Hampton, then Hampton would be Jan 27th and Feb 24th. Stasi will check.

Sunday the main move - bribing with food. (Will accept help at other times... )
Everything else on hold for the new house.

Exchequer Meeting:
New forms for Troll. Should make things easier. Only 2 forms plus the youth consent form.
Still need shire property lists.

Fiber Goobs the 17th and Johan & Annas.
Dec A&S mtn cancelled for the holiday.
Jan - footwear by Royse?

Get your stuff in.

Nothing new. Doesn't have a warrant yet.
William signed us up to sponsor the Monday morning shoot at Lilies.
Juliana teaching thrown weapons for women on Tuesday at Lilies.
Winter shoot Jan 26th?

Nothing new on Hampton Demo.
Eadweard considering joining us for Military Hx days again.
Thinking about setting up a crossbow shoot as a fund-raiser (some other groups do it).

Ages of War:
Volunteer list
Silfren Mere delegation in January?
Mower Co. site pretty well set according to December S.M. meeting minutes

The spare tire needs help before we take it anywhere again. Royse to drop off at Johan's.

Web Minister:
Wiki - Or Pages, Library, Shire Property, Recipes, Meeting Notes, Games
Wiki Demo?

Articles and reports due the end of December.
Needs cover art - Juliana?

St. Augustine:
No reply to last email. Anna suggests that Johan go to a meeting this week.