3 December
Stasi's house
(A day after an ice/snow storm)

Holiday Party:
At Sifrid and Sofya's
January 26th - basically same as last year. 6pm-ish, garb, potluck, gift exchange (approx. $10).

Stuff is working through the process.

Indoor Fighter Practice:
Fighter practice dates for Riceville -- January 13th and February 10th?
Salvation Army too expensive.

Web Minister:
Need more recipes, Shire property and library books.

Event Prep:
Who can help with Ages at the event? Before the event?
Where are we with the Boy Scout camp?

A new deadline looms... next issue will be out 1st week of January... get your articles in!
Cover art would be appreciated.
The Parade is almost 2 years old!

Nothing new. Pondering winter archery shoot at Gizmos & Gadgets on January 26th.
Pondering long cross bows and Anglo-Saxon Tossing.