Meeting with Heraldshill 26 January 2008

Feast – seating for 96 paid with up to 12 free at head table – feast
tokens to be checked at the door or table – napkins? They had an
issue with extra people at feast last year

1st course – Lettuce salad, fruit plate, deviled eggs, bread & butter
2nd course – Beef rolls with garlic/grape sauce, mashed gourds, barley & lentils
3rd course – Cream chicken, noodles, asparagus, bread & butter
4th course – white torts, custard, dried peaches & almonds

Foods will be precooked and reheated on-site – need SM's carport for
prep/kitchen area – to be inside feast hall pole barn. They may need
to borrow roasters.
Feast tickets - $10
Heraldshill to pay for food and to be repaid with feast revenues
14 volunteers for servers would be ideal & they will get fed feast dishes
A couple Hillians have instant hot water heaters that they will bring
to heat up water for washing dishes. I called the fairgrounds and
they will have water for us next to the hall.

It was asked if dogs are allowed – they are as long as they're leashed

Equestrian was also discussed. I got answers for a couple questions:
will be looking into ways for them to dispose of the waste. We may
need to find people who can haul this away to compost sites.
materials that make 10x10 stalls. Rental cost would be $20 each.
They have many.
Since we have flat rates, there is no discount for not setting up on
Thursday. So we'll setup starting Thursday!

Anpliça Fiore
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