January 14
Southbridge Mall
[Stasi, Royse, Parm, Rhiannon, William, Juliana, Padraig, Sifrid, Antonia, Sofya]

St. Augustine's Faire
Buildings: Dining Hall, Albrecht, Iowa and Double H (Stasi thought was Staudt Hollow) cabins
Date: opposite Silfren Mere's Day of Fencing on August 23rd?

We have children. We have games. Parm's still looking for totes.

Fighter Marshal:
Need some supplies for the loaner armor - new gloves, strapping, a couple of rivets, etc. - $60 max. approved.
Juliana may be have some strapping leather.
No Hampton Jan 27th. Feb 24th (1-4pm) is good. Antonia to get the key.
Armor party night at some point?

Getting caught up after mundane life.
We've spent no money this quarter.

Nothing new except a new woven-grass butt, checking into foam butts.
Archery Warrants are done every May, so William isn't official yet.
Jan 26th shoot won't work - conflict at the site.

No new info on Hampton Demo.
Military Hx days - schools are already signing up, Silfren Mere is interesting in playing, April 24-27th, period tents and gear
Recruiting - some interested people... some marketing? "formal" A&S displays at Fighter Practices?

We have a newsletter. Next publishing date will be April 6th.

Footwear Discussion is supposed to be January, not February.
Juliana can check on silk painting class in Clear Lake for February.

Ages of War:
Amplica and Co. coming to our Holiday Party to plan.

Holiday Party - January 26th, Sifrid & Sofya's.
Sewing Party that day? Stasi to check.

Web Minister:
Remember the Wiki.

Royse to be our next leader.