11 February
Southbridge Mall

Stasi, Anna, Johan, William, Juliana, Royse, Rhiannon, Padraig, Caillech, Berndt, Brigida, Parmen, Sina, Sofya, Sifrid.

Still have money. No new expenditures.
Has a draft of the financial policy. Reviewed in the meeting. A final copy will be printed and put in "the box."
Working on the Shire Property list.
Feast for Ages of War - suggested that we just pay for it to get reimbursed out of the feast proceeds - any feast profits go to Silfren Mere to divide out as they see fit. Stasi still working on menu/budget - planning 96 paids seats at ~$10 each.

Future Seneschal:
Nothing yet.

Silk painting lady can't do A&S meeting this month. March will work, though. She's very excited about it. (March 24th in Clear Lake.)
Military Hx days - has a website up. (Have some of our pictures already posted?) www.ccmhd.com? 80% of last year's re-enactors already commited. Similar numbers of kids.
Hampton Demo - May 2nd @ 1pm.

Nothing new. Doesn't know if the Footed Shaft has changed hands yet.
No plans for a Winter Shoot yet. Weather isn't cooperating.
Fighter Marshal:
We're sore. Indoor practice went well.
We have Hampton February 24th for indoor fighting (1pm start).
Working on getting March 9th for another indoor fighter practice in Riceville.
Pondering Archery/Fighter Practice schedule when the outdoor season starts. Maybe combine Archery/Fighter/Cookout to save trips/gas.
Still need to resupply loaner armor repair. Plan to work on loaner armor at Fiber Goobs next week.

We have children and lots of kids stuff. Still looking for a tote for the stuff.
Hasn't done anything on St. Augustines Faire yet. Wants to get going on it next month. Still waiting to hear back on the site.
Still needs to resupply loaner armor repair.

Fiber Goobs at Johan and Anna's next week. Plan to work on loaner armor then.

Hillian stuff in the queue - two letters from now.
Still need some new submission.
Gida is stepping down June 1st. (The new project has not been officially announced.) Padraig asked questions. Motion carried.

Web Minister:
Or Pages
A couple new books on the Wiki - Gida.

Next newsletter coming out April 6th. Deadline end of March.
In the process of scanning the Shire Scrapbooks.
The Shire baseball cards have been on hold, but not forgotten.

Lilies Meal Plan Sign-up sent around.
Not sure when/if Royal Progess Meal will happen.
Stasi mentions the Troll shift request. (Tuesday 8-midnight?)