3 March 2008
Southbridge Mall
Attending: Stasi, Padraig, Juliana, William, Rhiannon, Parm, Anna, Johan, Antonia, Sifrid, Sofya

Silk painting is on - meet at 7pm in Clear Lake for the A&S meeting.

Military Hx Days - putting us in about the same place, somehow we're down for 2 stations plus archery (!), no show tent? Trebuchet trailer needs a new tire and needs to be licensed - by John Paul (?!). Stasi planning to bring a couple of removes for us to try.
Sofya to post a proper invitiation to Silfren Mere list.

Nothing new. No winter shoot.

Fighter Marshal:
A set of armor may be available to buy for the loaner gear - Nello moving away and talking to Ansgar - exact items/prices unknown. Juliana will ask about it when she asks Kaie and Ansgar about the show tent for Military Hx days.

Good fighter practices in Riceville and Hampton. Next one is this Sunday, at 1pm. Northshielders have enjoyed playing with us.
Stasi is wondering about March 16th in Hampton...

No new expenditures.

Nothing new with the children. Parm has been asked to be the Regional MoY - he's thinking about it. He needs to do the background check thing.

Needs articles by the end of the month for the April issue.

Web Minister:
Recipe nominations...
Need helm back,

March - silk painting in Clear Lake. Juliana will email the directions.
April - making camp more period, banner meeting - everyone bring your banners.

Ages of War:
Feast tokens part of feast budget. Who has a serger besides Royse?

Stasi to check on April 12th for sewing party? Evening options on the 11th?
Fiber goobs would be the 17th... anyone has a problem.

St. Augustine's Faire:
No word back on site.
Need event officers - Parm is going to send an email around. He's working on a theme - suggestions welcome. Antonia is doing feast. Johan - Fighter Marshal. Rhiannon - Troll. Sofya - Site Boss. Inn - . Archery - William or Brigida? Youth? Sifrid - privy patrol, A&S - . Equestrian - .
Mews - Full Ad in July vs August? Teaser in June vs July?