May 12 at Southbridge Mall
Attending: Royse, Padraig, Brigida, Caillech, Berndt, Sina, Rhiannon, Sofya, Sifrid, Anna, Johan, Heinrich, Wulfgang

Will remain "Acting Seneschal" for the near future.

Stepping down in June. Still waiting on the latest submissions results.
Lilies Camp Cry - nearly all cries are open. Sunday AM?

Ages of War:
Pre-prep needs - feast tokens? (Rhiannon has found nothing in her totes.) cooking?
On-site needs - set-up, troll, security, servers, Silent Auction, teachers, merchants, clean-up
Broken Harp help?

Web Minister:
Wiki now has pages for Lilies prep and St. Augustine's prep.

Silfren Merans planning to camp with Mistress Giovanna this year?

We need Parm stories...

Fighter Marshall:
June 1st - Shire Championship at Fighter Practice - 3pm.
Practice this Sunday - just Archery 1-4pm, b/c fighters are all occupied. Then cookout at Rhiannon's.
Next fighter practices July 13th and 27th.

We still have money. Rhiannon has purchased 2 tables. Shall we reimburse her? Vote is yes.
Need to get Royse (Ruth Thorsan) and Brigida (Deb Kuehne) on the account.

St. Augustine's:
Mews teaser ad is ready - troll opens Friday at five. Site closes noon Sunday.
Event budget rough draft -

Gas Prices and Traveling:
Lets communicate about plans - who's not coming to practice that usually does, who's going to events and has room for riders, etc.
Club meetings in the Globe Gazette - free? Chronicler?