May 5th at Stasi's house
Attending: Royse, Stasi, Brigida, Sofya, Sifrid, Anna, William, Rhiannon, Parm

The next letter isn't done yet... any day now.
Gida has to step down as of June 1st. Any takers?
Shire take one of the Camp Cries? (We already have a troll shift - Tuesday night 8-midnight)

No new expenditures.
Need to replace the crappy cardboard tables. Rhiannon has some prices on plastic tables (on sale till Saturday - price check by Juliana?). Rhiannon is willing to store them. Need to bring up at the business meeting for official approval.

Nothing new. Needs to find out when the Gizmos and Gadgets shoots are for practice conflicts.

Take fighter practice down to once/month to get better attendance? Skip June because of Lilies, etc. July is tough for Johan's schedule.
Did Kaie and Ansgar end up with Nello's armor?

Need a St. Augustine's ad for the Mews. May 25th for July.
Next Parade issue 1st part of July. Get your Parmen "After Member Review" anecdotes ready - Parm and Eldric's toes... Parm and Padraig giggling... The original forking... The hostage in the Purple Pavilion... Jacuzzi at Lilies...

St. Augustine:
We've reserved Albrecht, Iowa, the Dining Hall, and Staudt Hollow for now. Royse is working on the insurance.
Free will donation ice!

Web Minister:
MHD photos up. Updated calendar with alternate week archery/fighter/cookouts. Started on event website for St. Augustine's Faire.
Wiki - missing some recipes... starting to put together planning pages for St. Augustine's for everyone to use.

Ages of War:
Feast plans - 8 chickens cooked, 32 lb of roast pork... will need help washing up serving dishes during feast. Pre-cooking help? Antonia to bake some bread.
Feast tokens - Stasi was pricing fabric. Need ~100 napkins, at least 12x12. Rhiannon to check her fabric stash.

Lilies Meal Plan:
Sat - Simone, Sun - Anna, Mon - Royse/Antonia, Tue - Gida/Rhiannon, Wed - Stasi?, Thu - Sofya, Sat - Dinty Moore/leftovers