June 2nd at Stasi's House
Attending: Royse, Sifrid, Rhiannon, Juliana, William, Stasi, Parm, Thomas, Sofya.

St. Augustine's:
Estimated budget done.
Need A&S and Youth coordinator. (Need to get Padraig background checked.)
Want to do site tour after Lilies (1st Monday vs. 1st weekend).

We have equipment. Had 2 nice shoots at Ages of War.

Hampton Demo was best yet, according to teacher. Juliana and Brigida got to beat up Padraig. Had more questions from the students.
No follow-up from Military Hx Days yet. 200-some kids came through and liked not being rushed. (Lots of schools had to cancel.) Virtually all Hillians made it, plus a lot of Silfren Merans.

Signature cards for Seneschal, etc.
Various re-embursements dealt with.

Event flyer for July's Mews sent. Need flyer for August Mews. Info for event booklets 3wks prior to event. Royal invitations.
Articles for next issue of the Parade due. What ever happened to "Care and Feeding of Feast Gear". Parm stories.

Web Minister:
Wiki has Lilies Planning and St. Augustine's planning areas. Also the outline of an "Event Planning Handbook" to put event officer job descriptions, hints and plans.
Recipes.... hint, hint.
Officer contact info updates?