Attending: Royse, William, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida, Anna, Johan, Natasiia, Padraig.

Nothing new. Archery practice the 27th.

National Night out Aug 6th - 5pm-8pm. Maybe have games set up to play? List field? Tables? Shade fly still needs repairs. Need plenty of fighters. Coloring pages from the MoY with our cards stapled to them or address labels (chronicler)?

Need articles. The next issue will be out ASAP.

Web Minister:
Wiki now has an officer's page - I put a short "favorite links" list by the Herald for easy reference away from home. Add whatever you want to make your job easier. I'm owed recipes. (Thanks, Juliana.)

A surprising number of people are missing armory. I'm going to go through "the box" and see where some things are. And then I'll start tracking you down.

Fighter Marshall:
Fighter practices - no July 27th. August is questionable because of Johan and Anna (only 17th for Johan), Plan on 1st and the 3rd weekends - .please all fighters communicate with Royse or Johan if not attending or running late. Cookouts at Parm and Natasiias.

We still have the same amount of money. Juliana pre-ordered the Lilies DVD - do we want to buy it to use for demos? Yes. Motion carried.

Have officer's business before business meeting? Sure.
Stop Fiber Goobs. Do more Saturday sewing parties.
Stasi was trying to check into using the basement at Holy Family.
We need a new MoY - we're still working on Padraig.

A&S - Royse doing A&S. Get your details solidified.
Fighting: fort, child consort, woods, consort?, leash?, bunny bushkazi?,
Archery: clout shoot at the fort during woods battle, can we use their butts?
Inn: just like last time.
Children: AM - make a favor, 1-2 PM - children's consort tourney
Feast: Antonia has a scheme. Needs fruit.

ABATE pricing is coming down to get more use on the site. But you have to buy firewood from them.
Osage has a brand new event center. Prices?

Moving Ages of War to September? September pretty full because of KCoA, Coronation, Deodar event. Silfren Mere not making enough money because of site costs? Maybe we take over the physical site?

Military Hx days - there's a rumor city might put a water tower on the site. We'll see.