11 August 2008
Southbridge Mall
Attending: Padraig, William, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Jenna, Parm, Natasiia

St. Augustine's:
Antonia has emailed the feast menu.
Juliana will teach on juggling about 3pm. Sofya will try to put together a class on Robin Hood.
Parm has MoY stuff to give to Padraig. Event booklet is in the truck.
Need servers, volunteers for Troll, list mistress (Simone?),
Also need cheap fruit for feast, donations for Silent Auction, prizes for A&S/fighterx2, Kubb...
Who has the leftover bags from a couple years ago for kids scavenger hunt (sheriff taxes the poor to give the "money" back to the rich)?
Shade fly is getting fixed.
Need all receipts by the week after the event.
Feast tokens and site tokens (cocktail swords/kazoos/day-old-rolls and Robin Hood hats).
Who's going be there Thursday night? Parm, William, Sofya (for a little while)...
Need a planning meeting next Monday for all event officers.

Supposedly our share of the Ages of War profits is on its way!

Web Minister:
New photos. New calendar. Need event info/schedule update.

Ages of War:
Dates - October? Location - Charles City? Theme - Russian?