September 8
Southbridge Mall
Attending: Royse, Natasiia, Antonia, Grigorii, Sifrid, Sofya, Anna, William, Gavin (NS), Aletheia (NS).

Halloween Party on 25th at Royse's hunting cabin, Sifrid & Sofya's as backup for cold weather.

Ages of War profit check came.
Our event came out less than $100 short.

King's Company was cold and damp.
Thinking about investing in foam targets like those used at Lilies. A little pricey - over $100 each.

Fighter practices - Sept 28th - no Johan, but okay for others; with archery, and potluck at Parm & Natasiia's.
Oct 5th - no Archery Practice b/c Autumn Arrows. 12th out for Johan. 19th - no Parm. Oct. 26th - Fighter Archery.
Northshield Fighter Practices are every Sunday at 12:30, ex. Shades of Sherwood Demo is this weekend.
Johan's resignation effective 1/1/09.

September meeting - pouches & bags class (send Anna a reminder).
October meeting - sewing day?

Wants articles and pictures from activities/events since Raid or Trade. Preferred deadline 22nd A&S Meeting.

Sending in a packet at the end of the month - deadline 22nd A&S meeting. Let me know if anyone else wants to be included.

Web Minister:

Event Planning:
Top options: August 29-31st, May 30-31st, May 16th
? 2-day vs. 3-day event. (Friday extra day?)
The "sword" has been passed back - needs a little Italian touch.