13 October 2008
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Royse, William, Juliana, Padraig, Caillech, Natasiia, Sofya, Sifrid,

Antonia is resigning as A&S Minister for mundane reasons effective immediately. Parm is appointed by acclimation (in absentia).
Royse looking into whether NIACC will let meet there - more room and better recruitment exposure.
We need to maintain the Yahoo! group calendar.

Autumn Arrows:
William and Juliana did well and Royse had fun.

William is planning to have consistent weekends for archery next year, and let fighter practice do whatever it needs to.

We have a couple of interested new folks.
Someone from Neuman has contacted Juliana about a demo, but not a lot of details.
Put bookmarks in the medieval themed books in the library?
We have gotten a certificate for helping with National Night Out.
There is mixed information for Military History Days. (Sifrid suggests we take over the event. ;-)

Acting Minister of Youth:
We have children. They're healthy.

The final total for the event was less than $100 loss.
We still have a good cushion in our account.

We have a newsletter. (Or we will very shortly.)
On-line version will available tonight or tomorrow. Paper version available within a couple of days to anyone who wants one - send the address to Sifrid.
Sifrid is looking for new column and article ideas - recipes, tips, crafts, other ideas?

Web Minister:
We have a webpage. We have a Google Calendar and a Wiki that "anyone" can update.
Sofya will add updating the Yahoo! calendar to her to-do list.

I'm sending in a packet this month. Speak now or forever hold your peace, at least until next month.
The so-called "SCA compatible names" will no longer be registerable as of next year. If you, or someone you love has or wants one of these names, we need to get it submitted within the next couple of months.

Ages of War:
Date is set for 27-30 August (start Thursday night). Site is reserved - Floyd County Fairgrounds. Event is on the Kingdom Calendar, albeit marked tentative.
Need officers. Need tentative proposed event budget. Need equestrian insurance (when is the late fee?).

Halloween Party:
Party on the 25th at Royse's (Sifrid and Sofya's if inclement weather). Halloween costumes, potluck snacks.

New Event Idea:
Since Ages of War is now in August, meaning we'll lose our claim on the last weekend in May. And Military Hx Days may not happen. And we had quite a bit of fun at St. Augustine's Faire with less pressure. Perhaps we could put on a low key, low budget event - St. Augustine's in May. (The feast of St. Augustine of Canterbery is May 27th.) Free site available at the Shell Rock Preserve. St. Augustine's Un-Faire. Robin Hood Film Festival.