10 November
Southbridge Mall
Attending: Royse, Johan, Anna, Sofya, Sifrid, Jenna, Alli, Padraig, Caillech, Juliana, William, Brigida, Parmen, Natas'ia.

New meeting site: NIACC wants $80. Suggested a school cafeteria - research on-going. The transit authority has a facility.
Have openings for MoY and A&S officers.

Fighter Marshal:
No fighter practices lately. Johan stepping down. Parm just needs to send in a letter of intent.

Archery Marshal:
No archery practice lately. Nothing new. Not sure what Gizmos & Gadgets wants for indoor practice, or when their league shoots are.
Charles City archery range relatively reasonable $, how much for a Sunday afternoon winter shoot? (Royse to check.)

No new bills.

Newman hasn't contacted us back yet about what they want for a demo. Hampton still planning on us, but in April, not in May.
No news on Military History Days, and usually Juliana has heard something by now.

Paper copies of the Parade are available. Next issue will be January 11th.

Nothing new. Still missing recipes.
Who's going to Kris Kinder? Brigida, William & Juliana, Royse & Douglas, Natas'ia... Other upcoming events? Brigida to 12th night. Royse to Border Wars in Ansteorra.

Juliana and William's badge arrived at Saker on October 15th.

St. Augustine's Un-Faire - Memorial Day weekend or last weekend in May? Memorial Day weekend is now the weekend of Tournament of Champions at Castle Fever per Silfren Mere meeting minutes.

Ages of War: need event officers, especially Feast Steward. I'd like a copy of an old Ages of War budget to help with this one (Natas'ia has it). Parm will run Fighting. Juliana will do Inn. Padraig for Youth. William for Archery. Sifrid for Publicity.

Holiday Party - Jan 31st at Sifrid and Sofya's, pot luck, in garb, $10 SCA-ish gift exchange.
Sewing Parties - sites for Sundays? Dates?
A&S Meeting ideas - intro to T-tunics? a taste of Heraldshill? A taste wins. Bring something yummy.