8 March 2009
Southbridge Mall
Attending: Royse, Juliana, William, Justin, Parmen, Brigida, Hans, Sofya, Sifrid, Natasiia, Gregorii, Antonia, Iames, Gabby.

Hamptom Demo: Friday, April 24th starting at 1pm. Doesn't have a class list for us to do Calligraphy with (about 90).
National Night Out - we're apparently invited, first Tuesday of August (the 4th?) starting at 5:30pm.

We have arrows and backstops and bows, and the weather isn't cooperating. No one has gotten back to him on the Mohawk Archery Club as a venue for an indoor shoot.

We have a couple of potentional new fighters. Justin and Hans.
A few of us went up to Silfren Mere to fight a couple of weeks ago and had a good time. We have a standing invitation for every Sunday.
29th of March let's try for Hampton. Maybe the 5th of April in Riceville?
We need to repaint the Scutums - automobile paint for permanence, materials for stripping. Not more than $50 est. Motion carried.

There's a Parade coming - wants to publish the 5th of April. And he's low on material. Send articles, photos, event reports, projects by March 31!

We have money. No new transactions.

Working on getting the Google calendar to send reminders to the Hill list.
Lilies 09 on the Wiki for planning purposes.

William and Juliana's Badge - on December 08 ELoI, commentary closes March 31st. No fatal commentary noted.
Brigida's Badge - on Feb 09 ELoI, commentary closes May 31st. No fatal commentary noted.
Hans Device.

St. Augustine's Un-Faire
Meeting with Park Board on March 17th.
May Mews Flyer due March 25th.

Ages of War
Budget/s and Fees
Site Walk Through during St. Augustine's Un-Faire? (new bar/home for Broken Harp, fighter showers?)
Special Items: equestrian equipment, firewood, outdoor grill/s, hay/straw bales (how many?), kvas, trebuchet, combat hobby horses
Prizes/Gifts: bratchina bowels, royal largesse, thank you gifts/tokens, Event Officers responsible for acquiring/begging for prizes for their area. (I'll take care of A&S prizes.)