11 May 2009
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Royse, Juliana, William, Parm, Antonia, Gregorii, Sofya, Sifrid, Anna, Johan, Caillech, Padraig, Brigida, Berndt, Stasi, Iames

Lilies Prep
Camp Cry, meal plan, Troll shift are set up. Need to have a Fire Extinguisher by every fire - Stasi volunteer to bring one for Lilies.

Table Borrowing:
Anna requestions to borrow the Shire tables to help with her son's graduation open house. Request approved.

We have children. They are mostly well.

Kingdom Exchequer:
Had a great trip to New Orleans. All the food was delicious - binet, jambalaya, shrimp po'boy. The meeting was boring but not long enough to cover everything. Had a great walking tour of New Orleans.

Hampton Demo - we survived another year. Two fighters. Hans did his first demo.
Working on a bigger venue for our Shire meetings.
No news on National Night Out.

Start outdoor practices on the 24th of May at the Spring Creek Park (with a Fighter Practice).

Not much new. Just wants the pictures from the demo.
Want the next issue to have reports from all officers. Article deadline June 30th. Publish 2nd week of July.

Stasi is back.

Fighter practices starting this Sunday (see above). Will plan to have every Sunday at 2pm unless having archery practice. Need to have someone there for such publicly posted events unless there's an obvious weather sort of reason to cancel.

Next normal A&S meeting would be Memorial Day - mall will be closed. Meet at Sifrid and Sofya's for Calontir Music Night, projects and cookout. (Gida to bring the disk.)

Juliana and William's badge to be decided any day now. Brigida's still in commentary - nothing new.

Web Minister:
Wiki has Lilies planning page. Add your major activities (if I haven't already).

St. Augustine's Un-Faire:
Site is clean (or at least cleaner). Thank you! The gates are open.
Natasiia to keep track of attendance/waivers for official purposes. Need a back-up for Natasiia (Gida or Anna)
Who can bring firewood? Floyd Fairgrounds site tour.

Ages of War:
Site tour during St. Augustine's Un-Faire
Deadline for July Mews is this month - half-page teaser ad (vs. full page).
Budget vote. Site tokens cost?
Equestrian insurance will be acquired this month.