13 July 2009
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Royse, Padraig, Caillech, Iames, Juliana, Kaie, William, Natasiia, Ansgar, Sofya, Sifrid, Parm.

There is a new waiver handling policy.

Minister of Youth;
Nothing new.
Juliana has started a collection of boxes for youth fort battle.

National Night - 1st Tuesday of August (the 4th), starts at 5pm, show up 1/2 hour earlier to set up.
Juliana will be too busy for site tours at Ages of War.

Will change practices to once per month. Next one will be August 9th. Hard to find a clear date in Sept.

Terribly busy with mundane stuff. Wants to keep trying to do weekly practices. Life should settle down any day now.

Nothing new.

Will and Juliana and Gida waiting.

WIki and photos. Recipes!

St. Augustine's Un-Faire Wrap-up:
Don't know attendance. Stone soup was a winner!

Ages of War Loose Ends:
Budget. Need check for last Mews flyer.
Feast menu- Antonia - email preliminary menu
Inn - Juliana, Anna - taco salad bar (?), biscuits and gravy, breakfast biscuit sandwiches, etc.
Feast tokens - Antonia, Sofya, Natasiia - Natasiia will provide the fabric $3/yd.
Site tokens - Brigida, working on them. 175.
Youth activities. Padraig working on it. Horse activity for the children.
Final activity schedules.
Source for straw/hay bales yet? Padraig to talk to Felip. Fighters need at least a dozen. Johan to haul. Deliver on Thursday.
Who's going to be in charge of stone soup Friday night? the grill? Stasi and Thomas?
Kingdom fundraising - silent auction with minimum bids
Iames needs help re-roping the trebuchet. Do on-site?
Kaie needs help building equipment - ring stands with PVC Ts set into a bucket of cement or other stand. Needs 6 stands. Iames to help. Parm to check into cosmetology heads to put on the head stands.
Kaie is looking into prizes. Parm needs bunny for bunny bushkaze and also fighter prizes.
Next A&S - Ages Prep!