10 August 2009
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Royse, Ansgar, Kaie, Iames, Juliana, William, Stasi, Natasiia, Parm, Sifrid, Sofya, Gregorii, Antonia, Brigida, Berndt

Thanks for everyone at National Night Out. Nothing else new.
Maybe a new member contact.

We've had a couple of practices.

Still have money. Got $50 from Hampton.

We've had a couple of practices. Had a good turnout of fighters at Nat'l Night Out.
Planning to cont. the weekly practices. Next fighter practice will be at West Park.

Nothing new. Needs to send someone a paper newsletter.

Web Minister:
Lilies Recipes. Event photos.

Will and Juliana's badge is registered. Waiting for Brigida's badge. Hans' name and device will be mailed tomorrow.

At home event prep for August A&S meeting. Proposal to watch an episode of Cadfael for September A&S.

Ages of War:
Harp request - authorized $30 worth of stuff, Stasi has some snack mix to contribute.
Volunteer needs, troll sign-up (going around), feast servers (13), others?
Feast pre-prep is starting the weekend of August 22nd, would like help with the rye bread esp. Second course - no chicken.
Site Boss will be on site Thurs AM. Site tokens have materials are acquired. Hall steward will have the usual decorative supplies.
Equestrian has 9 horses so far, friendship challenge for "prizes", will find out the vet on-call, Iames is doing the rings, Parm to provide heads.
Inn getting help from Stasi for breakfast, keeping it simple, muffins and such from Antonia, cutlery taken care of. Trash will have plenty of bags and are doing recycling, site book should remind of the 5cent refund and need to be careful of amount of garbage. Archery needs bales and ground paint.
Health and Welfare has Gatorage, a couple half-gallons of pickles and some watermelon, jugs and hoses. Stone soup - Antonia bringing the half-barrel for the grill, may need more bowls, bring side dishes, wash up in the feast hall. Troll would like to be in the Inn. Fighter melees - spear bridge battle with river crossing, standard bridge battles, get rid of Friday torchlight tourney, double-bridge battle, caged fighting.