September 14
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Royse, Padraig, Brigida, Juliana, William, Berndt, Antonia, Gregorii, Bethany, Hans, Caillech, Sifrid, Ansgar, Kaie

Ages went fine. No incidents. Children were kept busy.

Inn has ideas for next time. Has a storage issue for the extra paper plates (Sifrid and Sofya volunteer) because of the new house coming. Breakfast inn was an especially big hit. Still crunching the numbers - . Hans was a big help. Got a thank you and a certificate for participating in National Night Out.

Won his division at KCAT. Ages of War was too windy a lot of a time and not a lot of archers. We have lots of targets for the next event. Would be nice to have the east side of the building cleared out. Turned out we used the wrong bales, but it all worked out.

Feast went really well. And only spent $460.80. Didn't sell out, rumor is that Northshield is afraid of feasts. Idea: give out samples at lunch feast. Need some decent ladles. We also need dish towels - big flour sack towels from Fleet Farm, Antonia volunteers to embroider them with our badge so they don't wander off (a couple dozen - we have voted to have Juliana buy them when they come on sale).

Hall Steward:
Hall was lovely. Back drops for the feast hall since we have a convenient wire to hang things from. And we could use some proper linen table clothes, and maybe some upgraded and uniform table runners. Antonia suggests getting a bolt of 60 inch linen. Bethany may have stuff from her wedding. Kaie has a source.

Thought the site was great, and how people pulled together and helped each other. Enjoyed the barding, too.

Officer's reports for the next Parade. Next issue due out October 4th, so get your articles in. Still wants some new cover art. How can we promote this event. Make sure have some flyers in advance to distribute at Lilies, Kingdom A&S, etc.

Ansgar got bucked off again. Eight horses, 13 riders, 4 authorizations. Had so much fun, they forgot to stop for lunch. This is probably the best equestrian site in Calontir. Make the quiet area separate from the equestrian camping. The heads were awesome. Didn't need any funds for equestrian b/c did a "gift exchange". Rumblings about having an official practice at the Fairgrounds site. Finding a weekend is the problem.

No word on Brigida's badge yet.
Han's name and device mailed last month.
Lots of awards in the Shire this last month!

Web Minister:
Photos are ready to upload tonight for Nat'l Night Out, Kingdom A&S, Cattle Raids, and KCAT.
Ages of War website has recipes and some updates. Will work on the photos more ASAP.
Website renewal receipts

Ages of War:
Final receipts turned in.
Shire property list
Need to modify the road signs so they don't fall over so easily.
Lost and Found:
Officer reports: What went well (to do again)... What didn't go so well (and what to do about it next time)...
Next year: Hadrian's Wall, Seolfren Hyll Treaty idea, think about who should be the co-autocrat.