9 November
Southbridge Mall
Attending: Royse, Juliana, William, Antonia, Sofya, Sifrid, Berndt, Alaina, Brigida

Battlefield at Lilies has shifted.
Reeve really wants Kingdoms and Shires to put in for crown tourneys. Next avail. July 2011 but we've got Ages that year.

Nothing new (in the SCA). New house arrives tomorrow!
Holiday party at the Carberry's.

We have arrows and backstops and butts.
Hoping to get a winter shoot and the Mohawk Archery Club.
New winery in Hansell (TownsEnd Winery) with a tasting room.
Next A&S meeting is the Monday before Thanksgiving - watch Brother Cadfael at the Mall.

Hans' name is on ELoI. Device apparently needs work, haven't heard the details yet.

Possible indoor site in Hampton. Antonia has the contacts.

Web Minister:
We have a webpage. Nothing new.

Needs to bring releases to sign.
Always looking for ideas for new features, columns.