December 14
Southbridge Mall
Attending: Juliana, William, Eldric, Hans, Sofya, Sifrid, Natasiia, Parm, Lilian Rose.

Holiday Party: January 30th starting between 5-6 pm, potluck, in garb, $10 gift exchange, the usual.

We'll be getting a sundial if I sponsor the artist at Queen's Prize.

Next A&S meeting is supposed to be the Monday after Christmas. Parm moves that we cancel the meeting that day. Eldric seconds the motion. Motion is carried unanimously.

Many releases for articles and artwork signed. Next issue of the Parade is coming up. Send in your New Years Resolution and other article ideas by the 28th.

Hans' name is in progress. Device re-submission ready to go.

SCA Webminister's Handbook newly published. Releases passed around to be signed bring website into compliance.

Fighter Marshal:
No indoor site yet. We have a standing invitation to practice with Silfren Mere. He would like to set up an armoring day.

Archery Marshal:
Nothing new.