11 January 2010
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Natasiia, Parm, Sina, Juliana, William, Kaie, Anna, Johan, Sofya, Sifrid.

Fighter Marshal:
Still looking for an indoor site.

Finally caught up on checks. Juliana brings in the receipt for the flour sack towels for feast/kitchen.

This issue of the Parade is ready. It will be published on-line tonight and hard copies at the next meeting.

Web Minister:
Newsletter will be linked up tonight. Web site has been mildly tweaked. Send me your new books to list on the Shire Library.

Hans has stuff in process. Nothing else new.

Nothing new. Wasn’t able to get to the last Mohawk meeting b/c of the storm.

Need co-autocrat for Ages of War. Its on the Northshield calendar (tentatively) and need to get on the Calontir calendar. Juliana has been asked to do inn. Sofya will cont. to coordinate with Aletheia until likely co-autocrat prospects have been investigated.
Kaie brings burgundy and light green fabric to sell to us at $3/yd (originally priced at $14 at SR Harris) – Sofya will measure and then we can discuss if/how much we want.

Consensus is that we should do the Un-Faire again – weekend before Memorial Day (21st-22nd).

Holiday Party:
Potluck with plenty of outlets for crock pots and such, bring a $10 gift, wear garb as usual. Hans’ wife and Eva are probably coming. We should invite Silfren Mere.

No new demos lately or coming up.

Royse has to step down. Juliana is voted in to take over as Acting Seneschal. So now it would be nice to get a new Chatelaine – Antonia nominates Gregorii, both in absentia. Suggestion tabled for now.