8 March 2010
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Stasi, Juliana, William, Padraig, Caillech, Sofya, Sifrid, Gida, Anna, Johan, Parm, Natasiia, Aletheia, Antonia, Greg, Royse

We have equipment. On the last sunday of this month we're going to try to have a Winter Shoot at the Mohawk Indoor Archery site - the 28th at 1:30pm. We'll only use 3 slots so no one feels like we're taking over the place. It's on 12th Street behind D&D printing - just west of the viaduct, take the 2nd driveway.

Commentary at Laurel has closed on Hans' name. Nothing fatal noted. Device is getting commentary until end of April. So far so good.

Web Minister:
Nothing new.

Next A&S meeting - making candles/soap.

1st Friday in May (the 7th) for the Hampton Demo. Gregorii, Padraig can be there.
Royse says Iames can be there.

We might have a lead on an indoor site - a loading dock facility.
Parm needs everyone's Fighter Authorization info - numbers, weapon systems, etc. to update the fighter cards.
He's thinking of doing a "Hog Fight" in the mud ASAP.
Parm wants an armoring party for the loaner armor and to do the Hill Scutums (need artwork) and permission to get $30 worth of supplies to maintain the armor.

Has nothing new. Hasn't had time to get the new people onto the account.

Other news:
Gida steps down at Lilies from Kingdom Exchequer, but will be the NIMS deputy.
Gregorii has been approved to be Chatelaine. Juliana will brief him.

We have children, they are rampant at the moment.

Becca and Simone have suggested a Solarium tent for our camp up by the road for Lilies - Becca to supply the tent.
Anna is passing the meal plan.

Upcoming Events:
St. Augustine's Un-Faire - event flyer. Approved. May 21st-23rd. Clean-up in Saturday, May 1st at 1pm.

Ages of War - co-autocrat? Stasi. Last weekend of August - 26th-29th, Thurs-Sunday. Looking at Preston vs. Albert Lea (site visit Wed). Theme = Hadrians Wall, Romans (red) vs. Picts (blue). Tentative proposal for a Rose Tourney on Saturday morning, the Roses will handle it - provide tabards, etc. Equestrians, Rapier, Archery, Youth (Guinevere - lots of ideas), Artisans Row - anyone with a project. Need someone to head up equestrian - TALK TO KAIE. Site token ideas - sandwich devices of sponsoring groups between clear dragon's tears. Lunch on Saturday - soup? pasties? Potluck stone soup on Saturday night?