12 April
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Natasiia, Padraig, Caillech, Juliana, William, Stasi, Sifrid, Sofya, Anna, Parm, Liliya, Johan, Gida, Royse

We still have children.

Has the new people on the account, but still needs to get the new seneschal and incoming Kingdom Exchequer on.
We have money. We seem to have some re-imbursement checks out that still need to be cashed.

Archery Marshal:
We had a fun Winter Challenge Shoot at Mohawk Archery.
We've been asked to supply some targets for KCAT - still researching the cost.
Outdoor shoots aren't starting just yet, maybe the end of the month, planning opposite weekends - start at 2pm.

Fighter Marshal:
We had our first fighter practice. Everyone is a little sore.
Armoring Bee - need a location (Johan's garage) and a time (Friday).

Juliana is sure that Antonia would like ideas.

May 7th is the demo. Try to show at 12:30. The highway is torn up - we'll try to post directions.

The new issue of the Parade is here. We can always use more articles and artwork. He'd like ideas for something to replace the "Member Review". Royse et al suggest "Collection of Camping Tips".

Web Minister:
Some Gulf Wars photos up. Need to put up William's.
Lilies Planning page is up on the Wiki.
Releases for new officers.

Hans name should be coming back in another month or so. Device looks good so far in commentary.
Parm and Natasiia's stuff will be going in.

St. Augustine's Un-Faire:
May 1st is site clean-up. No Mews ad. Missed the deadline.
Fighting - Parm
Troll - Natasiia
Supper - Stasi, she will tell us what she needs help with
Fire wood - Thomas
Snack table - Gida
Games - everyone, Gida - Shut the Box, Parm - Goose
Thrown weapons - Johan to warn the park ranger, William/Juliana to bring a butt.
Shire Shade Fly - Johan and Anna

Ages of War:
Will be at Preston, MN. Volunteer sign-up sheets are going around.

Doing Camp cries and Troll?

New meeting and sewing party sites in Nora Springs? Charles City store basement?