12 July
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Padraig, Juliana, William, Stasi, Sifrid, Antonia, Gregorii, Brigida, Alaina, Anna, Johan, Parm, Royse

Minister of Youth:
We still have children. Activities are being planned for Ages of War.

Shire Shade Fly:
Damaged at Lilies, Anna suggests to send to Panther to get all four corners repaired properly. Motion carried. Cost to be determined.

Foreign Travel Report:
Alaina reports visiting Trilium in Aeldomere. Judged some mead, did some retinue, hung out in Toronto seeing the Chinese terra cotta warriors, and other art.

Gregorii needs to send in his letter of intent.
National Night Out will be Tuesday, August 2nd at 5pm (Wednesday if inclement weather). Set up by 4:30pm.

Had nice portable wooden showers with full-size water heater on a cart. Gregorii is scheming.

A&S Minister:
Stasi's braies class at July meeting. Bring 2 yards long by however long you want your legs to be covered, and sewing notions.
August will be directions for "duct tape doubles" with time to actually make them elsewhere to be determined.
Alaina got handouts for simple period wooden chairs she can bring for us to work on.

Pennsic Pity Party:
Last Saturday of July at Olai's farm. Directions will be sent out.

Web Minister:
Some minor updates on the member pages. Need to do Lilies photos yet.

Hans' name is passed. Device in process. Parm and Natasiia's stuff is at Laurel.

Next issue of the Parade will be available shortly.
Showed certificate for the William Blackfox Award we got.
Could use photos of the storm the last day of Lilies.

Fighter Marshal:
We have eight authorized fighters in the group and one in training.
We need to work on the loaner armor repairs - do during the "duct tape doubles party"?
Hoping to go to Raid or Trade, so will have trouble with the fighter practice scheduled for Sunday.

Archery Marshal:
Nothing new. He's decided that last-minute archery practices get the best attendance so that's what he's going to do.
There is a long-bow contest at the RenFaire in Shakopee at Labor Day weekend again this year. Juliana has the entry forms - you get two tickets for the price of one if you enter!

Ages of War:
War planning meeting on July 17th at 4pm in Rochester (with site walk-through at 2pm). Should be able to have electrical for the inn, other facilities unknown.
May do stone soup Friday night and a potluck steak thing on Saturday night since there's no feast. More information as it becomes available.
Need connection to Silfren Mere on-line event flyer for our webpage when it becomes available.

Cabin Outing:
Royse proposes gathering at their cabin for a braies sewing/armoring party on a Monday night or a Saturday - chose July 25th.