9 August 2010
Southbridge Mall Community Room
Attending: Brigida, Juliana, William, Parm, Sifrid, Sofya, Royse, Uhtred, Anna, Johan

Fighter Marshal:
We had a new fighter at practice yesterday, so a couple of new good recruits now.

The next Parade will be published at the beginnning of October. He will have paperwork to sign.

Archery Marshal:
We have bows and arrows and backstops.

Web Minister:
New photos are up.

Hans' device is about to be decided. Natasiia and Parm's stuff is going fine.

Meeting nights:
Wed or Thur would work better for K & A,
Wed better for Parm & Gida & Sofya, would work for Johan,
Any night works for Uhtred
Juliana need to see if the room would be available.

Ages of War:
Stone soup Friday night (mostly Stasi), need to do donations for the soup?
Sofya: classes, Gida a tentative for Viking whipcording
Juliana - inn, financed all by us and profits all for us, Stasi offers us the use of her pavillion top, Parm has an extra camp stove to contribute to the "kitchen", will need coolers and crock pots, budget of $250 - approved
Fighter Marshals contemplate sponsoring a consort tourney of some sort.
Discuss the future of the event.