13 September 2010
Southbridge Mall, Mason City, IA
Attending: Juliana, Stasi, Antonia, Gregorii, Sofya, Sifrid, Padraig, Caillech, Natasiia, Lily Ann.

We made a small profit on Inn for Ages of War and have dishes left over.
We haven't spent anything else lately.
Anna is checking on repairing the Shire shade fly.

Fighter Marshal:
Fighter practice continues.

Fun was had at Ages of War.

Emphasis this time is on getting a full roster of Officer Reports. He'd like to have the usual event reports. He's planning to publish the 11th.
He's working on a way to put photos on a secure on-line folder for people to access.
He's still looking for artwork for the color.

Hans device passed.
Natasiia and Parm's stuff in process.
Padraig needs new Badge forms.

Web Minister:
Nothing new. Need to get photos up for Ages of War.

Gregorii needs to send in a letter of intent.

We have crafty people.
This month Antonia was thinking of teaching about landsknecht since she took a great class at Valor.

We have stuff. Next archery practice will be Sunday.

Ages of War wrap-up:
A little over 80 people showed up, so they were really close to breaking even and we had a good time. The mini-Harp was great.
Resurrection of idea to keep the event here in Charles City, continuing alternating event sponsorship.
Site: infinitely expandable site, rumors of site improvements.
Event date - third weekend of August is the consensus.
Event name/theme - late period Italian, Cross and Compass, Italian city boffer-riot, gondola contest/races
Publicity - privy posters, Harp brochures, court schtick, two teasers/half-page/full-page
Yahoo! group.
Antonia - feast (with Gregorii). Sifrid - Royal Liason, photography. Sofya - A&S, Site Boss. Juliana - Inn (with Hans?).
William - Archery (Juliana to do some thrown weapons). Sheri - Hall Steward. Parm/Ansgar/Johan - head server.
Padraig - Youth. Others?

Meeting Time:
Switching to Wednesday - it's a church night but that doesn't affect any of us.
Start in November because Juliana's schedule is messed up in October?