December 8th
L.D.'s Filling Station

Archery Marshal:
Nothing new. No indoor archery practice yet.

Newletter deadline is the end of the month.

Fighter Marshal:
Has a hot lead on an indoor practice site - St. James Lutheran gym. $100 deposite and one time fee of $100. Looking at Thursday night every other week after 6pm. Wood floor so no knees. Will check on black-soled shoes and possibility of use as a meeting site.
Winter War maneuvers is Jan 14th in Lonely Tower (Omaha, NE) and would like to take a carload.
New home for loaner armor = Uhtred

Meeting the 22nd at Anna's house, 7pm. Bring period persona munchies to share.

We have a webpage and an unofficial wiki.

Natasiia's name and device have passed. Parm and Natasiia's badge passed, too.

We have money.

Holiday Party:
6pm-ish, Saturday, Jan 29th at William and Juliana's - potluck, garb, $10 wrapped gift exchange, ?fireworks fundraiser

Ages of War: Cross and Compass
Site contract done and check signed. We need to put together individual budgets and other needs for Stasi.

Gulf Wars:
Since so many of us are going, may pack together in Johan & Anna's BD trailer and share gas cost, etc.

Research Weekend:
Possible get-together at Sifrid & Sofya's in February, share books, lots of fast computer access ports