12 January 2011
Mason City Library
Attending: Anna, Johan, Juliana, Gregorii, Antonia, Sifrid, Sofya, Uhtred, Royse

Acting Chatelaine:
Still needs to send in a letter of intent. It's time to start setting up the Hampton demo.
Check into the Globe Gazette and if they have a free Clubs and Meetings. Bulletin boards at local libraries?

Heraldic activities, hit up Royse about bringing shield blanks.
Knitting class in February? Patton's wool yarn for socks, cookies & cream yarn for dish clothes or soap socks
Research day in March at Sifrid and Sofya's.
Winery tour when the weather gets nicer?

This quarter's Parade is done. Hard copies on request.
Next Parade will be in April 3rd, submissions by March 27th please. Artwork submissions would be great.
He's going to try to do more electronic paperwork and scanning in the archive stuff.

Web Minister:
Access information for "backup" web minster/s
Preliminary web site up for Cross and Compass (Ages of War).

All Hillians now have registered or registerable names and devices, now that Uhtred has a device to go with his name.

Sunday, Feb 27, 2-4pm indoor archery, Mohawk Archery Club - 12th Street, Mason City, IA. No crossbows

Christmas Party:
Jan 29th 6pm-ish, directions will be posted. Potluck, $10 gift exchange, garb encouraged.

Gulf Wars:
Still planning to "carpool" in a big trailer to the War. Gida, Sofya, Johan, Anna, Royse.
Johan and Anna leaving Friday night (so leave stuff by Wednesday to load).

Meeting Location/time:
Show up at 6pm, meeting actually start at 6:30pm. Next A&S meeting here at the Library in Study Group 1.