9 February 2011
Mason City Public Library
Attending: William, Juliana, Sifrid, Sofya, Anna, Johan, Uhtred,

February 27th shoot at Mohawk Archery - 2-4pm we have the whole upstairs, following the "Winter Shoot" Rules - available on-line, get there early to get inspected and signed in and get oriented to the rules. Garb optional.
William asks if we would like to donate to replacing the Lilies Butts. Encouraging noises were made so he will check into how much an archery butt would cost.

Nothing new. Bring back stuff from Gulf Wars.

No new devices or names.
Would like a copy of the pattern of the list tree shields and/or "blank" shields so we can make shields for the new members. Do we want to take the list tree to Gulf Wars since so many of us will be there?

Web Minister
No new features.
Got an email from Liam and up-dated his info on the Members-at-Large page accordingly.

Sifrid and Sofya are still planning to host a "Research Day" shortly - wireless, high-speed internet with a couple of extra computers if needed
Knitting next month's A&S - wool sock - 550gm of worsted weight wool (Pattons or LambsEase), size 5 dpn (8 inch best). Dish clothes - peaches & cream cotton, size 9 needles.

Cross and Compass
The new name has been officially approved by both groups.
Anplica has volunteered to head up the Heralds table.
Stasi needs budgets!
Brain-storming ideas: gondola races - "go-carts" down the hill/driveway; miniature Venetian/Genoese galley contest - beauty, speed, cargo capacity; ship's boarding battles; cross-bow archery emphasis; Florentine tournaments; calcio storico fiorentino (medieval rugby?):
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcio_Fiorentino and http://www.ultimateitaly.com/culture-antropology/calcio-fiorentino.html and http://www.ultimateitaly.com/festival-events/calcio-storico-florentino.html

St. Augustine's Un-Faire
May 20-22 at the Shell Rock Preserve - same set-up as before
Will create a Facebook event to help advertise it, feel free to post it to other local group lists.