13 April
Mason City Public Library
Attending: Juliana, William, Johan, Heinrich, Anna, Stasi, Sifrid, Sofya, Antonia, Evan, Minx, Parm, Natasiia, Lilian

Shire Shade Fly:
Anna has verified that the shade fly arrived at Panther and they're working on it.

Now that he has some submissions, he's going to start working on the next issue. More Gulf Wars stuff would be nice.
Need to get going on Ages of War ads for the Mews and the Northshield side of things, too.

Research Weekend at Sifrid and Sofya's on the 23rd.

Nothing new.

Web Minister:
Nothing new. Photos welcome.

Nothing new. No archery practices just yet.

Antonia encouraged to help "remind" Gregorii about putting in his letter of intent.
Hampton Demo is still May 6th. Stasi needs the names to do the calligraphy.

Next meeting, let's do camping hints and discussion. She's started an A&S Facebook page where we can share interesting links.

We need a new Exchequer, since Natasiia's warrant is up. Gida is willing, esp. she won't be drop-dead deputy anymore. Johan could do it, theoretically, but we all know that Anna would actually be doing it, which isn't kosher since she's a regional deputy. So
Gida's offer is approved by the Shire vote and she (Deb Kuehne) will take possession of the Exchequer box today as Acting Group Exchequer replacing Natasha Oelkers. No other changes to the account signatories are made.

Fighter Marshal:
Fighter Practices starting for the season - weekly on Saturdays.

St. Augustine's Un-Faire:
Anna's bringing some new people - and so there will be two land yachts to divide us off from the hooligans.
Sifrid and Sofya will be on-site on Thursday to claim our spot.
Stasi and Antonia are planning the supper on Saturday.

Ages of War: Cross and Compass:
Site has been paid for. Stasi is trying to finish up the budget. She's found a $60 port-a-pot!
Need to do the equestrian insurance. Sofya to help find the forms.
Fees: $10 feast, $ 5 kids. Antonia will do some advance PR.
Inn has quite a bit of supplies. Soup, renza's, wraps, animal crackers and frosting. Antonia has a big coffee-maker.
Need to do Flyers at Lilies, and probably get some stuff in court. Also get Flyers to other events.
Need Royal Invitations - Crown is at Horse and Falcon.
Ideas for tokens - recycle leftover coins, seamless felted pouch knitting with coins for feast - to work on at the UnFaire.
Need to check on number of left-over coins.
Check with the Dights to find out about the hay bales from last time.
Do better prizes for Tournaments - maybe $75 worth? Parm would like some sort of wall. He wants to do a labyrinth battle, Valhalla battle.

Meal plan went around. Sat - Simone, Sun - Esther; Mon - Anna; Tue - Stasi; Wed - Gida; Thur - Will & Juliana; Fri - Antonia; Sat - leftovers;

Need to start thinking about doing our bid for Fall Crown Tourney 2012. Gida will check on the deadline for bids since Crown was moved this year due to special circumstances.