11 May 2011
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Uhtred, William, Juliana, Johan, Anna, Sifrid, Sofya,

New signature forms are signed for the checking account.
We have money. We sent the money down for the archery butt. The only check that hasn't cleared is the one for the fairgrounds.

We have backstops, bows, arrows, etc. Practices are on hold since there are too many events brewing between now and Lilies.

Hard copies of the Parade are available. He's going to do electronic copies of the permission forms.
The next newletter will be published after the 4th of July.
He's very slowly scanning the Shire's archive.

Nothing new.

Web Minister:
Nothing new. I have given login and password information for the webpage to Juliana, William and Sifrid, in case something happens to me.

St. Augustine's Un-Faire:
Site clean-up day - Sunday afternoon at 1pm.
Troll - Gida will bring the supplies
Fighter MIC - Parm, Johan as back-up
Supper plans - ?
Games - Goose (Sifrid & Sofya), Kubb? Bocce? Horseshoes? Shut the Box (Gida), Nine-Man Morris (Anna), boffers?
Invites - Silfren Mere (Sofya), Couer d'Ennui, Axed Root, Deodar, (no one has access)
Anna to bring a land-pimple for Uhtred.
William will bring the Shire tables, but someone else must take the home.
Penelope (Punelopy?) might be coming.
Curtain for privy.

Meal plan has been re-arranged. See Lilies 2011 page on the wiki. http://heraldshill.wikispaces.com/Lilies+2011

Cross and Compass:
We're preparing the Equestrian Insurance.
Publicity: Can only do a Mews ad one month now, so... Flyers at events, etc. Burma-shave signs along the road at Lilies?
Colors for site tokens?
Pencil in 17-19 August 2012 for Charles City while we're talking to them.

Bid for Kingdom Event
But Crown Tourney is in July - hard to get a fairgrounds.
Kingdom A&S is first part of May (Kingdom MoAS does the judge wrangling, no need for feast, inn is an option),
Queen's Prize is in November.
Try for Charles City? vs Hampton?
Gida to Autocrat. Gida to contact Kateryn. Juliana to contact Marian Dight.

Hampton Demo Wrap-up:
Started late, so were really crunched for time.
We did the "life in the middle ages" and killed of kids as we went, "Brigida in a Bag", a mock court and we had three fighters and great weather.
Parm stopped the guy with the unauthorized sort with suitable aplomb. And the kids all played along great!
They've put the dozen books or so we've given them over the years in their own section of the library.