13 July 2011
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Stasi, Gida, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya, Uhtred, Grigorii, Antonia, Guinevere, Johan

Seneschal (Juliana):
There doesn't seem to a problem with us using the Wells Fargo room for sewing days a couple of times per year. They're checking.
Anna is checking on a site, too, maybe even doing an overnight thing at the old convent.
National Night out is Tuesday, August 2nd.

Archery (William):
We have bows, and arrows, and backstops...
He's thinking starting up practices now that we're past Lilies. So the question is... Mason City or Aredale?
The first shoot will be at Aredale as an experiment and we'll go from there.

Exchequer (Gida):
We have money. We got the check from the Hampton demo.

A&S (Antonia):
Next meeting prep for Cross & Compass - woven pouches and...
Herald (Sofya):
Gregorii and Stasi and Uhtred are working on paperwork
Web Minister (Sofya):
Event webpage is the next priority.
Chronicler (Sifrid):
The Parade is almost ready.
And we can do a color flyer for the event.
Fighter Marshall (Johan):
They had a good fighter practice last weekend.
? practice this weekend because of Raid or Trade.

Cross and Compass (Stasi):
Feast menu is set, tentatively. 6pm-ish. Seats for 60.
Stone soup for Friday night by Antonia (her grill barrel), Stasi will do a little pulled pork for the timid, potluck side dishes.
Breakfast Inn - breakfast sandwiches, biscuits/gravy, juice, ? breakfast casseroles. Stasi doing coffee. Guinevere requests hot water for tea. Antonia to bring a pot. Fairgrounds has one? 8 am-ish-11-ish start. Gida thinking of trying to do fighter biscuits.
Lunch Inn - 11am-2pm. Minestrone soup, vegetable soup, runzas (beef, chicken, veggie), pickles, hard-boiled eggs, animal crackers/frosting.
Broken Harp is planning to come!
Iggy is the Silfren Mere Fighter Marshall. He's supposed to get in contact with Parm. Johan to verify a back-up plan, esp. since he may not be able to do it himself.
Archery 9:30-noon, 1pm-feast, needs at least 9 bales, 12 would be better. Johan knows someone who might get some bales. They will provide their own shade fly and water jug.
Water: fighters, archery, equestrian, inn (2), youth. Stasi, Gida, Juliana, Antonia, Anna, one from Silfren Mere as a spare.
Youth: Padraig might be at the event, but no responsibility. Alethea to be in charge. Sheri to help.
Troll opens Friday 5pm-11pm. Saturday 7am-2pm. Troll sign-ups. Stasi giving half her tent for Troll. Gida handing out small garbage bags.
Johan to do trash disposal?
Hill fly for the fighters. Juliana's itty-bitty shade fly for a list table. Gida has a mundane thing.
Guinevere is planning to do the event here next year also.
Feast Hall set up and dish pre-washing on Friday.
Thursday night crew: Antonia, Sofya, Stasi...
What about the trebuchet?
Site tokens: Juliana/Gida (24), Sofya (16), Stasi (10), Antonia (some), Anna (?)