August 10th
Wells Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Juliana, William, Berndt, Sifrid, Sofya, Gregorii, Antonia, Stasi, Uhtred, Tristram, Parm, Sira, Lillian
Archery Practice:
Had a nice practice at his house. He was planning to "practice" at Be Seiged but car trouble will interfere.

Nothing new. Be thinking about articles for the next issue.

Gregorii got into the paper for National Night Out. Juliana clipped the article.

Web Minister:
Need to renew our domain name & hosting - $9.99/year for the name x2yrs, $76.55/2year for the hosting = $96.89 total.
Expenditure approved by the group.

Anna's badge and device have been mailed in. Have seen them on an ILoI yet.

Next meeting pouch-making party and final event prep.

Cross & Compass:
Antonia brings samples of the Queen's vegan minestrone, spice mushrooms and onions, and pumpkin tart. Yummy.
Site token pouches, current count = 68. We want 120.
Johan will dispose of the garbage that we gather on Thomas's little trailer.
Pick up the keys after 10am on Thursday. She'll need the check for the remainder of the site fee.
Antonia will need a check for initial food purchase, and then a final check for last minute tid-bits.
We're still planning on just one port-a-potty.
Troll shift sheet goes around.
Parm needs tokens for the Children's Consort Tourney, tourney prizes, hay bales, beams.
Many other details hashed out.
Purple & gold shade fly for archery, little white one for the list field, Hill fly for fighters, Stasi for troll.
Water jugs - W&J for archery, Parm 10g for fighter, Parm 5g for inn, Stasi 5g for eq, Stasi 2g for kids, Ant. 5g for inn, Antonia 2g for troll?
Walkies at Juliana's, she will charge and bring.
Need to get the word out on the internet.

Next year's events:
Stasi has contacted Scott at the Fairgrounds and they haven't started on next years' calendar yet, so there shouldn't be any conflict with our events in the spring or fall. They'll pencil us in.
Stasi will pick up the paperwork when she gets the keys.