Sept 14
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Brigida, Stasi, Antonia, Juliana, William, Sofya and Sifrid.

Queen won the morning shoots. Hugh won the afternoon shoot. No important suggestions for next time.
KCAT was fun, Gida shot 5 pigeons in one round and 3 the next. William came in third in his category.

Next Parade due the beginning of October. Deadline for submissions is October 1st. Hoping to publish the 8th. Gida is supposed to write about the Adventures of Penelope.

I have verified that Anna's device and badge arrived at Saker on July 20th. It has not yet shown up on an ILoI.

Web Minister:
Event web page updated with event photos. More photos welcome, esp. for children and archers.
Need the recipes.

Juliana requests the metal medallion class but we don't have the equipment. Yet.

$407.54 expenses. 57 paid diners (two royalty, some children).

Brick toilets blocked off. The trebuchet is supposed to go back to John Paul, but it can be stored at Antonia's.
Dumpster fire - no official word from the fair board. May look into getting a second one for next time. (Jendro)
Inn donations $410.75. Expenses $265.62. Inn big enough, need two workers, three better. (Stasi & Ophelia and one more. Want two big coffee pots and one hot water for next time.)
94 adults $10, 5 under 18 $5, 3 electrical nights $30, 21 non-members $5, 57 paid feast $10 = 1670 Gross (site and feast)
$217.50 silent auction, We have $12 overrun. = $2310.25 total gross with all fund raising and electrical.

$680 site and insurance, $407.54 feast, $265.62 inn, $30 electrical = $1383.16 approx. total expenses
$927.09 net profit. - $217.50 fundraiser = 710.31
Voted to spend around $60-70 to donate a microwave to the fairgrounds.