9 November 2011
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: William, Julianna, Anna, Johan, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida

We have money. Reports and waivers are in. No checks have been cut because we're still finalizing the donation to the group.

Kingdom A&S:
Not much new there - she's been busy with other things and waiting for Queens Prize to get over with because everyone is getting QPT and Kingdom A&S confused.
The webpage is about ready to go, need some more details, will post so Shire can try it out the forms.
We have one judge, already!
Gida to check on food? Meetings? Fighting? Event flyer?
We need to be thinking about site tokes, judge appreciation gifts, contestant comment booklets,
Hospitality room for the judges in the "royalty building"? Royalty in the "youth building" vs. in with the judges? Youth in...?

William wants to do an indoor event at Mohawk Archery, planning to put it in the Mews. He's got some pull there now since he did their webpage.

Next issue will be going together the second week of January.

No official word on Anna's device and badge.

Web Minister:
We can still use the recipes from Ages of War.
The Kingdom A&S site is ready to go.

Next A&S meeting is the day before Thanksgiving, so we'll cancel it.

On Saturday the 19th here, around 10am. Bring projects and munchies to share. Gida is going to bring her vacuum cleaner to make sure we don't leave any threads.

And Juliana makes sure we get "Bobbin' and Weavin' " on our calendars - next February 10-12, near Kansas City. More details to come as available. She had a great time there last year.

Holiday Party:
At Sifrid and Sofya's the last weekend of January - the usual $10 gift exchange, in garb, potluck food.