14 December 2011
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Juliana, William, Antonia, Gregorii, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida, Royse

Kingdom A&S:
Juliana will be doing the required event submission form. She and Brigida are in communication with Kateryn about the details.
The Kingdom Equestrian Marshal wants to know if we'll have an equestrian MIC since there will be equestrian - Juliana to check with Kaie.
Plan to show up for set-up on Friday (not Thursday since not so complicated).
Inn to include a light breakfast.
Site opens 8 am. Closes at noon on Sunday.
Meetings start...
Judging starts...
Camping available.
Gida to do the equestrian insurance in January and get one handicap port-a-potty for the equestrian area and to ask Kateryn to provide a Judge Wrangler.
Other projects: Populace choice tokens to go into gold-painted flower pots (Gida to make?). Populace comment books for all entrants. Site tokens to be draw-string bags to hold the populace choice tokes - Antonia has seen them for sale cheap and come up with stamp for them. Judges appreciation items - chain mail scrubbers?
Need to get the flyer done and submitted.
Inn (and judges respite area) to be in the feast bldg.
Inn Saturday only (breakfast & lunch), nothing formal for supper, Sunday breakfast. Antonia volunteers to help.
Parking on the battlefield?
Troll to be in A&S building unless too many entrants, Youth building back-up plan/crash space.
Royalty and meetings in Royalty bldg.
Sofya to repost the link to the sample website for people to try out.
The indoor archery shoot is probably only going to be a local event, because their butts are really sticky and irritating.
Needs articles - officer reports, event reports.
Anna - waiting for official word on return so can do resubmissions.
William - draft of request for Correction of Blazon prepared.

Kingdom A&S page awaits final details to be "published".

Cross & Compass:
According to the Silfren Mere meeting notes, Northshield apparently can't do treaties that go past a single reign now. So Their Highnesses Northshield have to sign off for this year, and will have to do it again next time.
"Ages of War Cross and Compass(Gwen- update) - Gevehard has been in discussion with TRMs about the treaty. There are some issues not directly related to this treaty but related to treaties in general. Royalty have been forced into treaties in the past that they didn’t sign. We cannot currently have a treaty that lasts for more than 1 reign. This is a small issue for us since we can petition each reign where we’d host the event. No legal problem with us holding the event in IA.
Gwen is going to look at different sites here in Northshield since we don't have a treaty just in case there is major political fallout from this. Whispering Hills Girl Scout Camp might be a good option. We have a Cross & Compass Yahoo group to facilitate communication. Gev has talked to our Highness - it'll be up to HH to contact Calontiri Highnesses."
We have money. No checks written or cashed since September.
Next meeting would be the 28th. Let reprise the button class from Gida (and prepare for the silk painting class).
There's a potential for a weaving class with Karen Barcher at some point.
Royse wants to do some silk pennant painting, too - Sewing Party January 28th before the Holiday Party. Juliana to check on resists, scarves and frames. Sofya to check her stash of silk.
Antonia to make a new Hill banner after Christmas.