January 25th 2012
Location: Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Juliana, William, Johan, Anna, Sifrid, Sofya, Brigida

Kingdom A&S:
We've already paid the deposit for Kingdom A&S.
Juliana tried confirming the date on the calendar with the Web Minister but they want a complete flyer (apparently misunderstanding the questions), so she needs to contact the Reeve.
Site token bags have been ordered = $75 for 240-some.
The stamp has been ordered and it should be made by Monday (Cross of Calatrava) 2x2 in - $25.
Wants to make up comment books for every entrant (quarter page size with a cover - Sifrid has been volunteered), voting tokens and golf pencils in the site bags.
She still needs to get dragons tears and flower pots for the voting.
She is still waiting to hear back from Kateryn on help with judge wrangling.
Judge appreciation will be written thank-yous from Gida.
Don't need prizes for winners.
Need ballots for the populace choice per Kateryn. Sifrid?
Gida still needs to order the port-a-potty.
Kaie has agreed to be Equestrian in charge and we still need to do the Equestrian Insurance.
Anna will do Troll (8-noon). Berndt to do Troll Friday night?
Judging to start at 10:30 am.
Cinco de Mayo theme for Inn?
Sifrid has info for a flyer and to update the webpage.
Space available for fighting, Bring-Your-Own-Fighter-Marshal. No Archery or Youth activities.
Antonia to be in charge of checking in Entrants?

Archery Marshal:
Archery Shoot Feb 25th, saturday at Mohawk Archery, noon- 5pm.
Hamptom Demo:
We'd like to try for end of April or maybe May to work with schedules. Juliana will contact them.
Fighter Marshal:
Need to clarify what Parm is up to. He may be moving to Wisconsin. Johan to check on that.
Gregorii may be getting his Fighter Marshal qualification at Lilies.
We in the black for the year, and we'll come out even after paying Silfren Mere and the Kingdoms' shares.
We'll wait until May to do the microwave for the fairgrounds.
The newest issue of the Parade is done. He'll check on new rules for the electronic newsletters.
He's going to expand the Member Review to include our adopted Hillians.
And he'd also like an ongoing feature on historical topics. "Did you know...?"
Gulf Wars:
Brigida, Juliana, William, Sofya are planning to go. Antonia is hoping. Others...?

Cross and Compass:
We have their Majesties permission to host a Silfren Mere/Northshield event on our territory, even with Fencing.

Web Minister:
We have a webpage. Apparently I have a warrant. And apparently it expires at the end of this year, so if anyone else wants the job, let me know.

Anna's device has been sent on from Kingdom to Laurel in hopes that it will pass as is, perhaps with a SFPP. The badge has been returned at Kingdom for reasons which I hope to prove mistaken.