8 February 2012
Wells Fargo Training Room
Attending: Juliana, William, Johan, Anna, Sifrid, Sofya, Ophelya, Shaman, Parmen, Lillian, Brigida, Antonia, Heinrich.

Lawsuit Settlement:
Kingdom has asked us for $500. Discussion of exact amount to send. Gida moves we sent $750 to include the proceeds from the Cross and Compass Fundraiser plus a little extra. Motion seconded and carried. Anna can deposit it directly into the Kingdom account.

Old Cross and Compass business:
$109 to Northshield Kingdom, $355 to Silfren Mere. Checks signed and will be sent.

We have equipment. There is an indoor shoot on the 25th starting at 1pm for warm-up.

Fighter Marshal:
We don't many fighters. There's a new on-line system for the fighter cards, which should be very nice.
We have no indoor fighter site, yet. Parm is checking about the Salvation Army gym.
We've been invited to practice with Silfren Mere on Thursday nights at 6pm. There is a Regional Fighter Practice in Ames on the 18th.

Nothing new to report. Anna's device is getting discussed at Laurel. The badge was returned by mistake, but will need to wait until the issues with the device are decided.
Gida is the new Saker Herald aka Kingdom Submissions Herald. Wish her luck!

Web Minister:
Kingdom A&S web site is fully up and functional.
The Members Page has been updated. Check it out and take at who needs to have awards recommended with the new event season (and Gulf Wars) approaching.
The Shire property list was passed around and updated.

The lull before the next Parade.

Unofficial A&S:
Membership will probably be renewed next week. We have a couple of folks going to Bobbin' and Weavin'
Next A&S will probably we working on the Silk Painting. Discussed getting get some 30-inch squares of 8mm habotai $4.19 each, get 20 of them. Dyes: red, blue, green, purple, black, yellow, plus black resist. Motion carried.

Kingdom A&S:
Not a lot new. The Equestrian insurance check has been signed. One person is entering a horse as her A&S project!
Gida still needs to call for the port-a-pot for the Equestrian area.
We have the site token bags and stamps. Gida is going to work on that. (Juliana can order ink and pads.)
Kateryn is the Kingdom Judge wrangler.
The Mews Flyer will be due in March.
Antonia will do Entrants Table. Mary Rose will do the Judges Table.