10 April 2012
Well Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Juliana, William, Wolfgang, Johan, Anna, Brigida, Sifrid, Sofya, Stasi

Outdoor practices will hopefully start soon.

Johan has all the marshal equipment, and almost all the loaner armor.
He's had a couple of practices already on Sundays. Working on a workable schedule.

We have money. Nothing spent since the lawsuit payment.

No news on Anna's device yet, and we have a back-up plan ready if it is returned.

Web Minister:
Focus has been on Kingdom A&S, but I got the Juliana's Runza's recipe on the Wiki.

The lastest edition of the Parade has been published. Next deadline... end of June

Hamptom demo looking a little iffy. Juliana hasn't heard from Kevin.
We've decided to wait until Cross and Compass to get the microwave.

Kingdom A&S:
Shade fly
Gida has the port-a-potty ordered ($85? del Fri AM or PM), pencils, site token candy. Still needs clay pots, baskets for judge/populace judging.
Jutte making good progress on the comment booklets
Troll assistant, Traffic control, assistants for Entry/Judge check-in - Stasi,
Troll Friday night - Maybe - Anna and Johan there.
Restaurant maps?
Supper Saturday night - BYOM supper.
Food Sunday morning - leftovers, breakfast pizza

Cross & Compass:
We need a co-autocrat - William volunteers, group approves.