9 May 2012
Well Fargo Training Room, Mason City, IA
Attending: Juliana, William, Justin, Johan, Anna, Sofya, Sifrid, Brigida, Parmen, Jutte

We have nets and bows and arrows, there was no archery at Kingdom A&S.
Outdoor archery practices will start soon.
We have fighters. Johan has most of the stuff.
Practices will be every other Sunday at 1pm-ish at East Park.
There are rumors of new fillable-PDF submission forms.
Web Minister:
Still working on finalizing the event web page.
Keep taking photos and preparing event/demo reports. Next deadline end of June.
Hamptom Demo starts 1:15pm, set-up 12:30-ish. Less time to work with this year. Exact location in the Middle School TBD.
One idea: the A&S 50 Challenge. There's a Yahoo! Group to join if desired.
Second idea: next A&S meeting - the Silk banners.
Third idea: Jutte to teach us how to make the little comment books.

We have money. And now we have more money. New checks are on order.

Kingdom A&S:
Lost & Found, several items already accounted for, plus a pillow that had been left at the Super8
Almost all positive comments from attendees.
It looks like we'll have about $300 to send to Kingdom.
Discussion is to do something like a spring 2014 Crown Tourney (all we provide is site crew, troll/s, inn, afternoon activities, feast) - Juliana to autocrat.
Wrap-up comments to go on the wiki.
Cross & Compass:
Drust to teach rope baskets class?

Lilies Prep: